Before the exam:
- Know where to go (the gym!)
- Arrive at 8.30 for a 9am start. Enter the exam in a relaxed state.
- Try to avoid studying on the morning of the exam or late the night before.
- Have a good breakfast for lots of energy. Do NOT drink fizzy energy drinks, they only give you a sugar rush this is not real energy.
- Go to the toilet before the exam (Am I sounding like your mother yet?)
- You will be provided with a dictionary upon arrival, you do not need to bring your own.
- Bring a clear bottle of water with no label
- Bring at least one good (comfortable) pen and a couple of spares. You can only write in blue or black. Bring coloured highlighters for Section C if this helps you.
- Do not bring any illegal devices, especially mobile phones. These will be collected by us on the way in. It is illegal for you to be in possession of an electronic device even if it is turned off.

During the exam:
- Use reading time to your full advantage, don’t just sit there waiting.
- Do not communicate with anybody except the supervisors, even non-verbally.
- Begin with Section C as this has the most reading
- See the exam as three individual writing tasks. Devote an equal amount of time to each.
- Make notes and plans as necessary in your writing book, there is nothing wrong with this they will not detract from your marks.
- Write neatly and clearly, avoid messy handwriting or handwriting that is too small.
- Corrections on the page are fine however don’t make it too difficult to read. You can cross out full paragraphs and start the paragraph again if necessary.
- Afford yourself a 1-2 minute break between essays if you wish.
- Leave time to proofread and edit your work if possible, this can make a big difference.
- DO NOT LEAVE EARLY! (I will be very angry if anybody walks out early without using their full time allotment!)

After the exam:
- Relax and feel very proud of yourself, you have achieved something very special. Well done!