Why do we study persuasive language?

Well, because persuasive language is everywhere! Newspapers, TV, radio, internet, advertising .... even school. It's almost impossible to live in society without being bombarded by persuasive language. Or, more correctly, by writers and speakers who are trying to persuade you to agree with their point of view. Sometimes this is to express a well formed opinion, however sometimes it's for other reasons (more often than not to persuade you to part with your money).

As we journey through life it is very important to be objective about the language that we see and hear. In this area of study you will deepen your understanding of how language can be skilfully used to persuade readers and viewers to agree with a particular point of view.

Your tasks for term one:

There are two assessment tasks, in which you shall:

  • analyse written and visual persuasive langue used in media texts, and;
  • present a sustained and reasoned point of view on a selected issue in an oral presentation

The issue that we are studying is: 'Should Victoria utilize more CCTV technology in public places?'

Here is a sheet that explains Analytical Essay Structure

During orientation week we introduced the issue and observed why it is being currently debated in the Australain media. Here is the Powerpoint presentation from orientation week:

Here is the P.M.I (Plus/Minus/Interesting) table that we created in class