Identity and Belonging: Summary and revision

What is Creating & Presenting?

The aim of 'Creating and Presenting' is to give you creative license. You are essentially writing in the style and form that you want to. The three identified styles to choose from are expository, persuasive and imaginative, however sometimes your writing may be a hybrid of more than one of these styles. You are encouraged to experiement with a variety of forms (eg. short stories, essays, magazine articles, blogs, etc.).

You are less restricted than the text response and therefore you can draw ideas from many places. Although you do have certain texts which you are required to explore at least indirectly, your writing does not have to revolve tightly around them. Your main boundary is that you are dealing with the implications of your Context. A Context is a certain topic that involves a set of ideas and themes. There are four at VCE level and our school has chosen to study: 'Exploring issues of identity and belonging'.

So within this context you need to examine (through abstract or more straightforward ways) the subtopics that arise from issues of identity and belonging. For example, how is our identity shaped by the groups we belong to? Is a sense of belonging more important than expressing an individual identity? In what ways do we renogotiate identity as we journey through life? And so on...

You will be given a prompt to start you off. This is not like your 'Reading and Responding' (text response) topic, it more a springboard for you to write from. Although you do need to connect closely with your prompt, you can let your writing go wherever you want it to go. You use your text by including within your writing some of its themes. So, if your text is about a teenager who experiences conflict with her mother over cultural identity (as in 'Five Ways to Disappoint your Vietnamese Mother') your writing can explore the way in which relationships and a sense of belonging to family are sometimes sacrificed in migrant families as cultural identities are compromised. In other words, you need to address the prompt by creating your own unique piece of writing, while drawing thematic ideas from the text/s.

This is from VCAA:
  • Students will read these texts in order to identify, discuss and analyse ideas and/or arguments associated with the selected Context. They will reflect on the ideas and/or arguments suggested by these texts, explore the relationship between purpose, form, audience and language, and examine the choices made by authors in order to construct meaning.
  • Students will then draw on the ideas and/or arguments they have gained from the texts studied to construct their own texts. They write for a specified audience and purpose and draw on their experience of exploring texts to explain their own decisions about form, purpose, language, audience and context.

Written Explanation:

Each piece of writing that you create in this Area of Study must be accompanied by a written explanation of at least 50 words (however it is recommended that you write more than this). As a writer you need to make decisions and demonstrate a control of language. Your written explanation is your opportunity to discuss how you achieved this.

You need to discuss FLAP + C + P

Form: What form have you chosen to write in? (e.g. short story, feature article, essay, etc.) Why did you choose this form? What advantages does it provide you as a writer?

Language: What language devices have you used? Describe the narrative style and voice. Did you use any figurative language, and if so how? Are there any recurrent symbols or motifs?

Audeince: Is there a specific audience for your writing? (This would be particularly relevant for a letter, speech or newspaper article.)

Purpose: What are you trying to achieve with this piece? In other words, what are the main themes or messages that you are trying to convey?

You must also discuss...

Context and text: In what way is your piece of writing addressing the broad context of 'Identity and belonging' and how have you established a close relationship with at least on of the set texts?

Prompt: How have you addressed the prompt?